Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL
Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL

6 Septic System Challenges in Extreme Heat and Humidity

The Dangers of Overlooking Septic Tank Maintenance

Are you smelling a foul scent of rotten eggs in your home? Have you been getting sick a lot lately? The culprit for these issues could be your septic system. If you overlook septic tank maintenance, you could encounter some avoidable dangers that may harm your family. Be aware of these different dangers and care for your tank correctly to prevent them.

Harmful Gas Leaks

A significant concern when you fail to keep up with septic tank maintenance is harmful gases leaking back into your home. Methane gas and hydrogen sulfate are septic tank byproducts that could endanger your family if they leach back into the house at high levels.

High amounts of methane gas can cause asphyxiation because the gas displaces oxygen in a room. This gas is also highly combustible and could quickly become a fire hazard. Hydrogen sulfate comes with the lovely scent of rotten eggs—who wants that smell in their home? The putrid smell is the least of your concerns; hydrogen sulfate can affect your nervous system and become explosive. Regular maintenance will keep these dangerous gases from accumulating in your home.

Exposure to Pathogens

Your septic system needs certain bacteria to keep the tank healthy and break down solids. Still, airborne pathogens seeping into your home with gas fumes is a danger of overlooking septic tank maintenance. When your family comes in contact with these bacteria, it can cause illnesses such as sinus infections or respiratory issues. Without maintenance, the bacteria can seep from the drain field and contaminate your drinking water or groundwater supply.

System Failure

If you do not use your local septic pumping services, the whole system will fail. High waste levels can crack or damage your inlet and outlet pipes. Effluence might also cause drain field failure and sewer backup, which allows gases and bacteria to waft into your home.

Following the proper septic tank maintenance should solve any of these issues. It is incredibly important that you care for your waste management system to keep your family healthy and safe. Taking care of your tank is not difficult and should be done regularly to prevent system failure and a buildup of harmful gases and bacteria.