Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL
Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL

When Should You Get Your Commercial Septic Tank Inspected?

Septic Tank Placement and Why It Matters

Are you installing a new septic system at your home? Before you begin the installation process, you must understand why the placement of your septic tank matters so much. Keep following along to get a better idea of where you should place the tank, who should place it, and why it’s important.

Rules for Placement

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has specific requirements you need to follow for your septic tank to function correctly. Typically, these tanks are in locations away from your home’s foundation on level ground. Therefore, the solids can settle at the bottom of the tank. Don’t place them in areas of your property prone to flooding. For instance, avoid steep slopes and tree roots. Also, ensure the tank is near the plumbing outlet of your home.

Furthermore, the placement of your septic tank matters because your city’s regulations and local zoning codes may also determine where in your yard the tank goes. This could include property lines and other structures within the vicinity of your area. Contact your local health department to get a clearer picture of where you can place the tank in your particular town.

Not Too Far or Too Close to the House or Road

When you place a septic tank too close to the road, the vehicle’s weight can put lots of pressure on the tank beneath the ground. On the other hand, the truck the company uses to remove the wastewater will need access to your tank when you need pumping. If it’s too far away, the hoses won’t be able to reach it. Place your septic tank in a location that’s easy to access but not too close to where you do other activities that could harm the longevity of your system.

Why Does It Matter?

Avoiding placement issues with your septic tank is very important unless you want to deal with a stinky mess. Choosing to ignore the requirements could result in your septic system failing prematurely or the entirety of the tank being unusable. To ensure you’re placing this correctly in your yard, call a septic serviceand utilize help from professionals. This way, you can guarantee the tank is in a suitable position.

As you can see, placing the septic tank wherever you please isn’t viable because it can threaten the system’s integrity. This waste management system can last for many years as long as the owner takes proper care of it and installs it in the right area of the yard. Consider using Brandon Septic to help with these needs. Our team of professionals can help you with installation and teach you how to maintain the tank for a healthy system.