Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL
Septic Pumping , Installation & Service in Brandon FL

3 Things To Check Before Calling for Septic Services

How To Locate Your Septic System

Septic systems are very useful for your house, but they can be difficult to locate when you’re trying to do maintenance. They don’t need constant maintenance and often sit underground—people often bury them in the backyard. However, this makes it difficult to know exactly where they are when you need to perform maintenance. Here’s how to locate your septic systems.


Your home’s piping should go directly to your septic tank. This means that you can locate your septic tank by following indoor piping to the tank. However, this method requires that you can see and follow your piping. Even if you can’t follow the pipe, it can give you a general direction of where to start looking.


The location of your septic system should be in records that you have access to as a homeowner. The most common record you’ll find is one from your county, as they’ll keep these records of septic tank locations for every house that has one.


You can try to find the lid of your septic tank, as it often sits just below the soil. That means you can grab a hard pole to poke into the ground. You’re looking to hit the lid with the pole to find its location. Once you hit something, a short dig should fully reveal the lid.

Disturbed Ground

If you recently buried the septic tank and you’re lucky, the lid will sometimes push up the ground it’s under. This will make it apparent where the tank is, as the ground will still show signs of the installation or maintenance. However, this method only works if you’ve recently covered the tank.

As you can see in this guide on how to locate your septic systems, it’s possible to find them by yourself. However, don’t try to perform any maintenance by yourself once you locate the system, as it can be very dangerous. It’s better to call up a professional who offers septic services to perform any maintenance.

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